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University College Hospital warns workers against night duty boycott amid power cut

Ibadan Health Facility Issues Stern Caution as Staff Protest Electricity Disruption Over Unpaid Bills

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The management of the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan, Oyo State, has issued a stern warning to its workforce, including doctors, cautioning against abstaining from night duties amidst a protest over a power outage caused by an alleged N495m unpaid electricity bill.

Following a decision by hospital workers, organized under the Joint Action Committee (JAC), to suspend night duties until electricity is restored, the UCH management emphasized that any staff member failing to report for duty does so at their own risk.

JAC Chairman Oladayo Olabampe had previously announced the scaling down of operations to only between 8 am and 4 pm until the electricity supply is reinstated. Additionally, there was a threat of a seven-day strike if the issue remains unresolved by Tuesday, April 9.

However, conflicting accounts emerged as UCH’s Public Relations Officer, ‘Funmi Adetuyibi, refuted claims of scaled-down operations, asserting that the hospital continues to function round the clock.

According to Adetuyibi, the hospital’s management has communicated its opposition to reducing working hours and emphasized the need for all staff to fulfill their duties diligently. Doctors and medical personnel, she highlighted, remain committed to providing round-the-clock care to patients, with services extending from morning to midnight.

The UCH’s stance underscores a firm commitment to maintaining uninterrupted healthcare services amidst the ongoing dispute over the electricity supply. As tensions persist, the hospital seeks to ensure the welfare of both its staff and patients while advocating for a resolution to the underlying issues, the hospital’s management said.

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