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We’ll vigorously pursue Mambila Dam, Kolmani Oil, says Senator Siyako Yaro

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By Baban Khalid

Senator representing Gombe South district, Senator Anthony Siyako Yaro, has said that the Northern Senators Forum would collectively facilitate the smooth and rapid growth and development of the region through ensuring the provision of infrastructural facilities and the execution of economically viable projects that could improve the quality of lives of the people.

Senator Anthony Siyako Yaro said that members of the forum have been meeting regularly with a view to ensuring the realization of stalled projects such as the construction of the Mambilla hydroelectric power supply and the Kolmani oil well, among others.

“We, the Northern Senators, have sat down immediately after our swearing-in; we developed programmes for the North; Kolmani is one of them; the Mambilla hydroelectric project is another; and there are so many others that we must see to their realization,” he said.

The Senator Yaro, who was fielding journalists questions in his constituency shortly after the Kaltungo annual cultural festival, stated that the Northern senators were fully committed to the realization of such a project as the Kolmani oil by giving the necessary support and making good use of their offices to see that Kolmani is back on its feet.

Senator Yaro said, “By the grace of God, I’m in the Senate committee on the downstream sector; we had sittings on the budget defence just three weeks ago; all those things were mentioned and raised by my colleague, the House of Representatives member from Yamaltu-Deba, so we will support the system and use our good offices to see that Kolmani is back on it’s feet in terms of progress.”.

He added, “So much money was invested, and oil was found, so for goodness sake, it’s just to boost it, and then production would start. We need to connect ourselves, and when you mention the Northern Senators Forum, not even my constituency alone, so we are mindful, all of us on the project, that would help us move forward, and there is no way we cannot pursue it to a logical conclusion.”.

The Senator explained that Kolmani is on top as an area that would provide income for both Bauchi and Gombe states, the Northeast subregion, and Nigeria as a whole, stressing that “all those are to improve things along the Kolmani oil well. Kolmani, we are on it; we will bring it back to life; we have so many of our colleagues in so many relevant committees of the Legislature.”.

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