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‘Gay couple’ insists surrogate mother abort baby after cancer diagnosis

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By Tony Ademiluyi

LifeNews.com reported that A heartbroken surrogate mother says a California gay couple threatened her with a lawsuit if she refused to abort their unborn son who she was carrying.

Brittney Pearson, 37, of Sacramento, said the threats came after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in her second trimester, and the baby boy is now dead, Townhall reports.
“It was frustrating because I wanted to give them a family,” she told the Daily Mail. “They said they cared but they didn’t. I felt betrayed and heartbroken.”

Last year, Pearson said the gay couple hired her as a surrogate mother, and she became pregnant with a baby boy. Then in May, she said she was diagnosed with cancer; further testing showed the cancer was spreading and she would need intense chemotherapy that could jeopardize the unborn baby’s life.
“The first thing I thought after I was diagnosed was I want to keep this baby safe and bring it earthside,” she remembered. “I would have been there, I would have given him every chance of survival. I had people ready to help.”

Pearson was about 24 weeks pregnant at the time, meaning the baby potentially could survive outside the womb.

However, she said the couple who hired her wanted the baby to be aborted and threatened legal action if she refused. Pearson said the men argued that the baby could have health problems if he was born prematurely. She said they did not want her or an adoptive couple to raise the child either, because their DNA would be “out there.”

Pearson, who is raising four children of her own, said the men also threatened to sue her agency and medical provider. According to the Mail, “At one point, she claims, her oncology team, after being threatened with legal action, said they were not sure they could give her chemo and would need to consult their own lawyers.”

Jennifer Lahl, president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, said Pearson contacted their organization in the midst of her troubles. She said Pearson wanted to give birth to the baby early and begin chemotherapy, with the hopes of saving both their lives.

“But California law recognizes the contracting intended parents in surrogacy arrangements as the legal parents, they alone can make decisions around the care of the baby. In this case, refusing care,” Lahl explained on her organization’s website. “The rights of the mother to direct her own care are undermined, not even allowing her to advocate for her own needs and the needs of the baby she’s about to deliver.”

Lahl said one of Pearson’s doctors even knew of a family willing to adopt the baby, but the couple who hired her refused and “asked that no life saving measures be performed on the baby if he was born alive.”

Thank God for independent media because stories like this will never make the front or even back pages of the liberal-controlled traditional media.

The LGBTQ apologists are sickening hypocrites. Why can’t they give up the thoughts of having babies since they freely chose to be burnt with unnatural lusts of the flesh? You cannot have your cake and eat it and life is simply a case of making opportunity costs. Catholic priests, nuns, and monks for instance take vows of celibacy and chastity. Do they then agitate that they want to make babies? Aren’t there sanctions for those who step out of line? Why is the gay lobby hellbent on creating needless confusion?

Another issue I personally have with them is the elevation of money to the status of a god in the asinine pursuit of their worthless cause. The gay rights activism has surreptitiously led to the creation of the surrogacy industry which is now a trillion-dollar one. It reduces the wombs of women to mere chattels subject to economic negotiations and bargaining which is antithetical to the Divine as well as natural law. The surrogacy industry is definitely going to expand into Africa and in the future, I predict that ‘gay couples’ will make the continent their second home in their depraved quest for babies. They will then unleash their propagandist media blitzkrieg that they are in their own unique way investing economically into Africa. Imagine the deleterious consequences of our African maidens be reduced to surrogates no thanks to the twin conspiracy of puppets mostly installed by proxy from Washington DC with the sturdy backing of the rest of the West and the ‘western sanctioned legitimacy of gay rights’ which will bring out the beast in Africa’s tourism industry.

Also, the wickedness of man is usually displayed in its zenith when these ‘couples’ shop for babies. Love is sacrificed for the ‘perfect baby’ as if those with disabilities don’t also deserve love and the right to be cared for.

The whole idea of ‘same-sex marriage’ is really a joke taken too far. I urge Conservatives in the West to effectively push back and lead the vanguard for the criminalization of ‘gay marriage’ like it was previously which witnessed much more global peace.
If Dobbs could upturn the blood-soaked ‘Roe v Wade’, then gay rights can be illegal one day as it has done more harm than good to humanity!

Conservatives should be consoled by the eternal words of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr ‘We shall overcome one day.’

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Trumpet Call Ministry and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075 and anthonyademiluyi@yahoo.com.

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