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Military Widows Association calls for support amidst tragic loss

South-South Zone Urges Comprehensive Assistance for Families of Fallen Soldiers

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The South-South zonal branch of the Military Widows Association of Nigeria (MWAN) has issued a heartfelt plea for the holistic support of widows left behind by fallen soldiers, emphasizing the need for both practical and emotional assistance during their time of loss.

In the wake of the brutal killing of 17 soldiers in Okuoma community, Delta State, the director of operations of South-South MWAN, Dr. Gebrial Iyoh, condemned the tragic incident as a grim reminder of the perilous challenges faced by Nigeria’s armed forces in the line of duty.

“The loss of these brave soldiers has not only deeply affected the nation but has also irrevocably altered the lives of their families,” remarked Dr. Iyoh. “We cannot overlook the anguish endured by the young widows and their children, who are now deprived of the love, care, and financial security provided by their fallen heroes.”

Dr. Iyoh underscored the importance of offering widows comprehensive support beyond mere financial compensation. He emphasized the significance of recognizing the valor of the deceased soldiers, while also providing essential psychological, social, and educational assistance to their families.

Expressing gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for bestowing national honors upon the fallen soldiers, Dr. Iyoh urged the government, military authorities, and the entire nation to ensure that the bereaved families receive unwavering support and care.

“Let us not allow these families to fade into obscurity after the initial wave of sympathy dissipates,” Dr. Iyoh urged. “Their sacrifice must not be forgotten, and it is incumbent upon us as a nation to uphold our commitment to their well-being.”

Dr. Iyoh also shed light on the plight of many military widows who silently endure the loss of their spouses due to less publicized deaths in active service. He called upon individuals, corporations, and organizations to join hands with MWAN in providing solace and support to these widows.

In a plea to the Delta State government, Dr. Iyoh appealed for assistance in generating revenue to aid the families of fallen heroes, suggesting the sale of MWAN’s annual legion materials to transporters as a means of financial support.

As the number of widows in the region continues to rise due to the daily loss of soldiers, Dr. Iyoh emphasized the urgent need for collective action to address the challenges faced by these grieving families.

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